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hello everyone I will come again to similar content today we will be talking about the fifth stool in similar content which is content or rather within similar content we have around 15 languages supported by the tool and this what makes similar content distinguished from the other tools actually because we are the only one who provides more than 50 languages like similar content and we support Arabic and April and other languages so right now for example you would like to make a little list so let’s search in Arabic choose Arabic and once you choose Arabic you need just to go to topic difficulty in the languages that were right from the right side you need to go to topic difficulty and then activate the RTL mode right now it’s not activated so I press an activation and then go to content rewriter again so right now let’s get a test or let’s get a text — you know rewrite it go to Wikipedia and then get this takes for example to search about to get this text for example to rewrite it go to similar content and paste so one of the most important one of the most important things while you are using content rewriter that you need to make sure that you each and every passage of the article each passage contains of 100 words each passage contains of 100 words and each passage ends with a false top like this one and then press rewrite right now it’s analyzing the text sentence six to eight and so on so right now it gives me the here in the right side I have the outcome here I have the income so this is the outcome the result right now for example let’s get this phrase it says okay ten meters smear to load the sigma3 is so so and so on so here we got another per phrasing which is where you sent me Lotus in Missouri limbic O’Neal so sometimes the human part is essential and such stuff like in rewriting the text and so on so you need to make like a little bit review and then the mistakes will be less than the other websites as well so this is the outcome of rewriting in Arabic and for you to know we have here this sign here I can put any word I don’t wanna the rewriting to be done in such word for example I will write a little Lotus and then press comma space almost three I don’t want to change those words in rewriting I want to keep it like it and then that i press this those two words here that means it will not be changed during the rewriting issue so let’s get another text in English it’s here English reduce okay you’d like to get like a small text or a text to rewrite it so let’s get in text to write okay so for example I’ll copy this text and I’ll post it here but you need to for example right now I’m writing from the right side and this is an English language so I just need to go to topic difficulty again and to turn off the RTL and go to the content rewriter again and press paste so I need to make sure that each message contains of 100 words not more than 100 words in order to be having the effectiveness of the content rewriter and attend this with a photo stop so right now I just need to press rewrite and as we said before I can post here any words that I don’t wanna you know I don’t want to change it in the rewriting process and I’ll press like rewrite it gives me here that it’s analyzing rewriting four sentences five sentences and so on and this is the final result choice for me here the final result and in this part by the way you can edit as we mentioned in the previous text so right now as we said you need to make a little bit review of your text to re-edit and remus frequently correct the other mistakes or some mistakes that the rewriting process will be done during that so this for example search about review the text it’s just me the good the bad the good the bad and the stickers just here good bad and sticker so right now for example was plural and here it’s singular so I’ll add the S for example and so on so we just make like the you know review regarding your text in order to recorrect it and then copy it and after you copy that you go to content optimizer to optimize or to get a well optimized text or content so let’s try another example so copy that and then go to content optimizer paste it here I can for example posted here I for example I don’t wanna this were to be changed so I just press on it and then I post it here and then press rewrite so right now it gives me the final result or the outcome for rewriting just me want to know more about yourself instead of about you that’s good so trust me that every second person on the planet is this and so on so so every one on earth so actually the mistakes you know you really find some mistakes in your text during the analysis or the rewriting process so right now that’s exactly what their continuity writer is doing it helps you to have a unique and will optimize text throw using this tool and this tool which is a content of two minds where you’ll be having a very well optimized and unique text and exclusive one-hour your filter ISM issues so you will be having also more than 50 languages supported to rewrite the content using the similar content content rewriter we are done for today and thank you so much

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