How To Write A Synthesis Essay (Definition + Topics + Outline)

you’re max do you think that some videogames endorse violence and other unlawful actions yeah you do can you think of three examples I like it what up guys it’s Vlad from sa pro and if you are wondering what our intro was all about let’s just say that it is connected with a synthesis essay writing most students whether they are in high school college or graduate level studies will have to write one of these essays at one point or another that being said essay pros here to teach you everything you need to know about writing a winning synthesis essay so the first question you may have is what is a synthesis essay how does it work in simple terms this is a type of writing that requires the author to formulate an idea which must be backed up by several sources if this is reminding you of research paper writing and that is a good sign because they are really similar the main difference between these two styles of academic writing is that a synthesis essay has time and topic restrictions whereas the research papers do not in other words a student will usually write a synthesis essay within a certain time frame and will have a predetermined topic and predetermined sources the most common place for synthesis essays is at the AP Language and Composition exam which is of course taken by some high school students for their English elective that being said here are three good example topics that synthesis essays can be written on topic number one do some video games endorse violence and other unlawful actions right so the example we used in the beginning topic number two is it possible for some drugs legal or illegal to be the primary cause of depression for question number two the author can talk about things such as cigarettes alcohol antidepressant and Class A drugs and question number three is there enough proof to confidently state that racism is still widely existent in society today for question number three the author can mention things such as police brutality affirmative action and unbalanced incarceration rates as teens from these example prompts writers will definitely require several sources to formulate a well-written and coherent synthesis essay so now that you have a general idea of what a synthesis essay is let’s talk about outlining so before starting the actual writing part the writer’s primary objective is to come up with an idea that they can argue and defend this idea should be in some way linked to every single source provided this is called our thesis statement now getting back to the outline we’re going to be using the five paragraph structure for this essay this includes an introduction three body paragraphs and a conclusion the structure of each section in the outline has its own unique layout so let’s start by talking about the introduction first thing you want to do is introduce the topic of discussion and give it a little bit of background information and what you will be talking about afterward present the sources you will be using to prove the idea that you have come up with to finish off the introduction explain your main idea aka thesis statement this sentence will present the focus of your synthesis essay remember that your thesis must take clear stance and be logically supported by several sources after you have written your thesis we can move on to our body paragraphs essay you will most likely have three paragraphs each body paragraph should have its own focal point and this should be an idea that logically links with the thesis statement now as each body paragraph is based on its own linking idea it must have support from at least two sources your primary objective is to explain how the given sources logically support this idea and how it supports your overall thesis accordingly usually during resynthesis essay you will be given at least five sources so building points that can be linked three or more is what separates good essays from great ones after you have created three sub ideas for your thesis you can move on to the conclusion in your conclusion you want to reset your thesis statement with a tone of voice that in first confirmation psychologically speaking if you present it in an already proven manner then your audience will be naturally inclined to agree with it then go back through and summarize the connection between each sub idea and the thesis statement to finish it all off present an overall concluding statement that explains the global importance of the thesis statement to the reader in other words how do your findings impact the situation and what steps should be taken to ensure positive progress in filled after finishing up with your conclusion there are two more small steps you need to take first of all go through each supporting idea and make sure that there is an evident and logical link back to the thesis statement this is one of the most essential parts to synthesis essay writing before you officially run out of time go back through and proofread and edit your work make sure that you have strong transition sentences and eloquent text flow remember the easier it is on the eye the higher percentage of a top grade once that is said and done you are officially finished with your synthesis essay alright guys thanks for watching your video now that you have the tools throw an awesome synthesis essay try a couple of practice prints online and get ready for that AP Language exam like always don’t forget to like share and subscribe and to watch our previous video on the complete term paper writing guide click over here anyways that’s my time I gotta get out of here have a good day and I’ll see on the next video peace

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