How to link your IELTS essay paragraphs together

hi welcome to another is a lesson in this lesson we’re going to look at how the paragraphs of an argument essay link together so here I have a breakdown of the different sentences that make up the paragraphs of an argument essay we have the introduction paragraph supporting paragraph one supporting paragraph two and the conclusion paragraph and I’ve tried to coordinate them with colors to show how the paragraphs sort of link together and work as a team so in the introduction paragraph you have the background sentence your detailed background sentence which is just giving some background information about what you’re going to talk about your thesis which is the main idea of your entire essay and so I’ve marked that in green so everywhere that you see green in this skeleton is an area where the the essay is linking back to the thesis and kind of reinforcing the idea that was presented in thesis so and then following the thesis you have the outline of the two topics that will support your thesis in the supporting paragraphs supporting paragraph one and supporting paragraph two that’s the introduction paragraph now if we look to supporting paragraph one supporting paragraph one starts with a topic and this topic was first presented in the outline of the two topics in the last sentence of the introduction paragraph so you can see here in blue linked together so following the topic you give an example to support your topic a discussion statements to link your example to your topic and then finally a conclusion sentence and the conclusion sentence links you’re supporting paragraph back to the thesis so this is the actual sentence that kind of keeps the entire paragraph focused on what you’re arguing in the thesis the same pattern holds true for supporting paragraph two so supporting paragraph two you start by presenting topic number two which you had originally stated in your outline sentence of the introduction paragraph you give an example to support it you also give a discussion discussion sentence into your example example number two — topic number two and finally you give a conclusion sentence which links supporting paragraph 2 back to your thesis which was in the introduction paragraph ok coming down to the conclusion paragraph so you have three sentences in your conclusion the first is a summary the summary restates the the topics you brought up in supporting paragraph 1 and supporting paragraph 2 so I’ve marked this here in blue and and the second sentence is a restatement of your thesis which is just basically you saying your thesis again in different words so I’ve marked this here in green which links back to the the the idea that the thesis that the argument that you presented in your thesis you’re stating it again at the end ok following this I included a copy of the essay that we wrote together prior to this lesson so means on food and I highlighted the areas in the essay so you can kind of see how they link together so the green ones if you remember are always linking to the thesis and the blue ones are linking to the topics that support the thesis so if we read through it together opinions on food vary tremendously as does an individual’s culinary skill thus some people like to eat out while others prefer to stay at home and cook for themselves for me I prefer to go to food stands or restaurants as opposed to preparing food at home I’ve marked this in green this is our thesis eating in this manner is both more convenience and tastier and I will analyze these areas in my essay I’ve marked this in blue because this is the outline sentence for the two topics we will talk about which are restaurants our convenience and restaurants are tastier than my cooking the first sentence in the supporting paragraph reads firstly eating in a restaurant is much more convenient than eating at home I marked this in blue because this links back to the outline sentence for example when I finish a long day of work I often do not have enough time to prepare a meal for myself at home further many international restaurants line the street where I live thus going to a restaurant is a much more convenient option for me this is therefore one of the main reasons I prefer restaurants to cooking at home so as you can see I’ve even included some of the words from the thesis in this sentence in green linking back to the thesis okay second supporting paragraph a second reason that a second reason is that restaurant food always tastes better than the food I cook I am NOT a talented chef by any stretch and the foods I cook I plan so I mark this in blue because this is linking back to what was presented in our outline sentence in the introduction paragraph for example I often overcook foods to the point that they are unpalatable for this reason restaurant food is consistently a tastier option and is therefore another reason why I prefer buying my meals to preparing them at home again I marked this in green because this is linking to the thesis coming to the conclusion paragraph in conclusion restaurant food is both more convenience and tastier than my own cooking this is marked in blue because this is once again coming back to the two supporting ideas that are going to prove our thesis thus I choose to eat the majority of my meals outside my home and strongly prefer this to cooking them for myself and this is in green because this is rephrasing our thesis I believe I will continue this lifestyle as long as I am a working person to visualize the way that the sentences connect the different paragraphs together in an argument essay thank you for listening

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